Wessex Family Mediation Centre

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    Suite 6, Homelife House
    26-32 Oxford Road
    BH8 8EZ
  • Telephone: 01202 298341
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  • Web: http://www.wfmc.co.uk

Wessex Family Mediation provides family mediation services in Dorset & East London helping couples and family members deal with issues related to separation and divorce. Family mediation enables both parties to take control of important issues relating to children, maintenance, finance, property and other matters and come together to reach an agreement acceptable to them both with the help of the mediator.

Services in divorce mediation in Poole and family mediation in Bournemouth can be arranged direct with the Wessex Family Mediation Centre and the initial thirty minute consultation is free. Legal aid mediation can be provided if you qualify for the legal aid scheme and meet the qualifying criteria.

Wessex Family Mediation has family mediators in Stratford, Bournemouth and Weymouth. These independent mediators in East London and Dorset specialise as divorce mediators and provide family mediation services to couples and families across London and Dorset. Family dispute resolution and child mediation services are also part of WFMC's mediation services.

The mediation centres in Bournemouth, Stratford and Weymouth all provide a mediation room for the discussions to take place which is less formal than a court room. The independent mediators are highly qualified lawyers or trained professionals who have been trained in mediation and specialise in family mediation work.